New Zealand making use of its geothermal resources

New Zealand is rapidly becoming one of top players in global geothermal market. In the last five years New Zealand has accounted for approximately one quarter of new geothermal capacity worldwide.

New Zealand is currently the fifth largest geothermal power producer in the world as the country continues to use the richness of abundant geothermal resources at its disposal.

The country has long history of geothermal energy use with the first geothermal plant Wairakei, being developed back in 1950s.

The strong development of geothermal energy industry in New Zealand is one of the major factors behind the fact that country had generated close to 80% (79.9) of electricity from renewable energy sources at the end of 2014. New Zealand's renewable energy goal is to achieve 90 % of electricity  coming from renewables by 2025.

As already stated above geothermal energy has been a reliable source of renewable energy for New Zealand for more than 60 years. It is clean, cost-competitive with fossil fuels and very abundant in New Zealand.

The global geothermal capacity is expected to double within this decade as worlds looks for renewable energy solutions to ensure low carbon future and deal with issues such as climate change and pollution.
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