Japan set for more geothermal in years to come

Japan is country rich with geothermal resources. After the recent Fukushima accident this Asian country has been looking for various clean energy options with geothermal being at the top of the energy ladder.

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry recently announced that the country will likely more than double its current geothermal power capacity by 2030, with currently installed 520 MW climbing to around 1300 MW in 2030.

Japan is currently third largest geothermal power producer in the world, accounting for approximately 5% of global geothermal power capacity. The country has 50 year old tradition in producing geothermal power capacity that started in the 1960s.

The country has plenty of untapped geothermal power resources. The 2011 government study estimated Japan's geothermal power potential to be at 19.14GW.

Geothermal is not the only renewable energy source to receive big attention in Japan. The country also plans to add 350 megawatts to 2,960 megawatts in hydro capacity and 1,500 MW of biomass capacity by 2030.

A diversified renewable energy portfolio looks to be the main factor in Japan's energy policy for the foreseeable future.
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