Geothermal power is the best clean energy solution for western US states?

Is geothermal energy really the best clean energy solution for western states. If we are to believe Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) reports then the answer is clear yes, with no doubt whatsoever.

The major conclusion is that "geothermal power is a long-term consumer bargain for the western power grid". GEA’s Analyst & Research Project Manager Benjamin Matek recently noted that “building one small geothermal plant in a community can generate $6.3 to $11 million dollars in property taxes that can be used toward education or other local services and provide 20-30 permanent jobs.”

California, the nation's leader in geothermal power generation has plenty of untapped geothermal resources. US Geologic survey estimates that California could add 2,500 permanent on-site jobs, further 20-30 million dollars in property tax revenue for the state and close to 15,000 construction and manufacturing jobs by properly developing its remaining geothermal resources.

It has been reported that an average 50-MW geothermal power plant can create permanent employment for about 100 people.

So what is preventing this clean, reliable and economically viable source of energy to go on top of the ladder in terms of clean energy production in western United States?

Many developers still find geothermal energy projects to be risky and costly, and truth be told construction costs are generally very high due to drilling. Exploration and drilling costs are in average at $6 – $10 million at well, and though recent improvements in technology (mostly in terms of multi-directional drilling) have significantly reduced the risks, we are still talking about relatively large sums of money.

The recent World bank report claims that success rate in geothermal drilling has climbed to 80% which is a very positive indicator for the future of geothermal energy development. The further technological improvements will no doubt lead to much bigger role of geothermal energy in many areas with high geothermal power potential.
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