Geothermal energy is a viable option for British Columbia

Goethermal options looks to be one of the most feasible clean energy options for Canada. In fact, the latest report released by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association  (CanGEA) states that Canadian province British Columbia could develop geothermal for half the cost of hydro.

Geothermal has more advantages than just costs, it is environmentally friendly source of energy that also creates new well paid jobs (an average of of 1,700 permanent jobs are created when you develop 1 GW of geothermal). It is not just the hot water that gets extracted when harnessing geothermal well but also numerous minerals which include silica, lithium, manganese, zinc and sulfur, all of which can find its use in many other businesses and industries.

CanGea, for instance, claims that British Columbia’s has enough geothermal power potential to satisfy its entire future power needs. 

The hot water, and numerous minerals like like silica, lithium, manganese, zinc and sulphur, obtained through this process is used by other businesses.

Hydropower, on the other hand, is not only connected with major construction costs but there is also a significant environmental impact connected with the building of new dams (such as potentially major forest losses.)

Canada, though having significant geothermal energy potential is yet to develop any meaningful geothermal energy project. British Columbia, Yukon and Alberta are said to have the largest geothermal resources in Canada. 

Hydro and wind are currently the most preferred clean energy options for Canadians. The fact that Canada is the only major country in the Pacific Rim that is not producing electricity from its geothermal resources says enough for itself. Why not start with geothermal in British Columbia?
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