Why should homeowners consider installing geothermal heat pump?

There are several important reasons why installing geothermal heat pump could be considered as a good solution for many homeowners, and not just because of the fact that geothermal energy is renewable source of energy .

The opponents will say that geothermal heat pump system costs more than conventional heating system, but one should also consider that after some period geothermal heat pump system will pay back its costs, and for those homeowners who chose to install it before 2016, there is also a 30-percent federal tax credit on the total cost. The average return period varies between three and ten years, and primarily depends on the drilling costs.

Every homeowner should also know that  geothermal heat pump system is the most efficient central air-conditioning system during summer, the one that also provides free water heating. In fact, geothermal heating systems are renowned for their efficiency. The reason behind their high efficiency is the fact that underground temperatures are significantly more constant compared to air temperatures that usually significantly vary throughout the year.

These systems also operate very silently because indoor compressor systems are in most cases very quiet. The most advanced geothermal heating and cooling systems are able to use the compressor to run in super-cooling mode which produces an extra 20 percent output, when temperatures are really high. It also has to be mentioned that all the components inside the house are small and easily accessible which makes maintenance lot easier.

On the long run, geothermal heat pump provides significantly improved comfort and savings over a standard heat pump, even at the simplest geothermal heat pump systems. Horizontal loop geothermal systems are in most cases the best in cost-efficiency ratio.

The bottom line, if you have the chance take a much closer look to installing one of these systems. As already said above not just because geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy but also because it can turn out to be a good investment, strictly from the economic point of view. So why not combine these two advantages?
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